We make sympathy cards & gifts for people who don't know what to say or do

Want to send a card but don't know what to say? We totally get it. That's why all of our sympathy cards include a writing prompt to help get you started.

Want to send a gift, but flowers just die too? Grief Biscuit Kits are filled with everything needed to bake your way through grief. 

There are no roadmaps for moving through grief, but there’s magic to showing up for someone you love with the right gift and card.

If you're supporting someone you love, we're working to collect tips and tools to help you show up for them. <<Read more>>

Or if you're working through the grief process yourself, get what you need by joining our Facebook and Instagram communities.

Photo by @AintTooProudtoMeg

Good Ol' Fashioned Grief Biscuit Recipe & Tutorial

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